Scouring for Shower Curtains

Have you noticed that an affordable, nice looking shower curtain is sort of hard to find? I’ve been on the hunt for the past couple of weeks. Lily was quarantined in our guest bathroom for about a month and used her pent-up energy to destroy the shower curtain. It’s full of tiny teeth holes and claw marks.

I thought I found the perfect curtain at West Elm, but after purchasing it I realized (by calling customer service and asking about the status of my order) that it was on big time back order and wouldn’t be shipped to me until mid-April. Thanks for letting me know, West Elm. I canceled that order, since we have a friend in town all next week and I’m guessing he’ll want to take a shower at some point.

After scouring the internet for a good replacement for my first choice, we decided to go with the Paris France Shower Curtain by Izola:

Runners up included the Arbor Shower Curtain by CB2:

The Tree Shower Curtain by Urban Outfitters:

And the Apothecary Shower Curtain by Izola:

I was smitten for the Octopus Shower Curtain by Thomas Paul, but who has $120 to spend on such a thing?

Now, I wonder if I can get this striped hand towel by next week…


Dining Chair Dilemma

I took advantage of a random sunny morning to snap a better photo of our “dining room” as it is right now. I should add that it isn’t so much a room as it is just the space next to the kitchen, separated from the living room by the couch and the entry way by that wall.

What are we going to do about chairs? We’re still dining at the coffee table in the living room while we watch reruns of The Office and Seinfeld. Those Ikea chairs I liked turned out to be poorly made and underwhelming in person. No surprise there. I found these industrial looking dining chairs and think they might work. I especially like the blue color. I like the Flanders Chair too, but it takes six to eight weeks to deliver. These chairs are a little pricey, but since we are only buying a couple we don’t mind paying a little more. As for a bench for the other side of the table, I like this one from CB2.

With friends and family visiting at the end of the month, we need to make a decision soon. Stay tuned!

Ikea Madness

We’re off to Ikea today to check out some dining chairs and benches. I like this chair and sort of like this one, but they could look and feel all wrong in person. Because the table is so rustic, we’re having a hard time finding new chairs that will go with it.

While we’re there we might as well check out stuff for the rest of the apartment, right? A couple of these chairs might be perfect for the patio. And I’ve had my eye on this drawer unit for the office for a while. And these cute little vases could dress up the fireplace mantel.

In other news, I’ve been obsessed with terrariums lately. One of these Twig Terrariums would look so cute as a dining table centerpiece. I particularly like the Romantik terrarium, which doubles as a candle holder.

Dining Room Table

English Farm Table

We bought a dining table last weekend! We found this English farm table a couple of months ago in a local antique store and decided to go back for it if we hadn’t found anything else within our budget by mid March. After finding lots of nice mid-century tables (not Dave’s favorite) and expensive modern farmhouse tables (not in our budget), we decided to haggle with the antique dealer. The price had already been reduced, and we Dave had him knock off another $50.

Measuring about six feet long, it shrinks our already small dining space, but we can make it work. Now we just need to find a bench for one side of the table, some chairs for the other side, and some colorful curtains. I’d love to have a small terrarium as a simple centerpiece too.

* Apologies for the bad photo. My camera is acting up, so my iPod camera will have to do for now.

Ideas for the Balcony

We are wrapping up our first Seattle winter. Coming from Chicago, Seattle’s winter isn’t so bad, but the gray dampness of it is starting to wear on me. I’ve been daydreaming of the perfect balcony since December. Since our apartment is situated on the side of a steep hill, we have a nice view of the neighborhood and mountains in the distance. I can’t wait to entertain friends out there or just hang out with Dave on summer evenings.

I think some sort of lighting is necessary, like these simple string lights. A bird feeder hanging in front of the big picture window would be fun for the cats.  I’d love to have a vertical garden of succulents or herbs. A few of these metal tables would be great as plant stands or a place to set your beer. We have some wooden folding chairs, but I like this affordable bench for when we have guests over. And we definitely need a hammock or two – for the cats, of course. I’m still in search of the perfect nautical stripe outdoor rug, but maybe the bare floor is just fine.