Ideas for the Balcony

We are wrapping up our first Seattle winter. Coming from Chicago, Seattle’s winter isn’t so bad, but the gray dampness of it is starting to wear on me. I’ve been daydreaming of the perfect balcony since December. Since our apartment is situated on the side of a steep hill, we have a nice view of the neighborhood and mountains in the distance. I can’t wait to entertain friends out there or just hang out with Dave on summer evenings.

I think some sort of lighting is necessary, like these simple string lights. A bird feeder hanging in front of the big picture window would be fun for the cats.  I’d love to have a vertical garden of succulents or herbs. A few of these metal tables would be great as plant stands or a place to set your beer. We have some wooden folding chairs, but I like this affordable bench for when we have guests over. And we definitely need a hammock or two – for the cats, of course. I’m still in search of the perfect nautical stripe outdoor rug, but maybe the bare floor is just fine.


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