A Bench for the Table

And we’re back! We’ve been entertaining out-of-town friends and family for the past week.

Remember that Izola shower curtain I scrambled to get? Well, Lily managed to destroy that one too. Now that our visitors are gone, we are just keeping the guest bathroom door closed, but the new plastic shower curtain smell is overwhelming in that tiny space. Do I take down the curtain and keep in storage until we have guests again? Do we keep that room closed up in hopes that the smell will dissipate over time? Should we start feeding Lily lots of candy so that her needle teeth will rot and fall out? Should I reorder my favorite shower curtain from West Elm, making this the record for the most shower curtains bought in the shortest period of time?

We did our best to find a bench to go with our dining table before our guests rolled into town. But rather than just settling for something we didn’t love, we decided to hold out a little longer and make our visitors sit on the floor. Who needs chairs when you’ve got carpet? We looked at the Pacifica Bench at Crate&Barrel and it came closest to what we want, but they don’t actually stock furniture for sale in the store. You have to order it and then it arrives a week later. Do all furniture stores operate this way? Am I the only person who didn’t know this? So Dave ordered the Pacifica Bench online early last week, meaning all of our dining room seating is on its way! I can’t wait to see how it all comes together. I still want some pretty curtains and a sweet little terrarium, but I’m relieved to get all of the major purchases for that room out of the way.


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