Balcony Barbecue

It doesn’t seem like it will ever warm up here in the Pacific Northwest. If it wasn’t for the pops of color around town – accompanied by seasonal allergies – I would swear it’s still winter. Occasionally, we get teases of sunshine and days that grasp for the 70-degree mark, but right now I’m looking out the balcony windows at rainy, gray weather. To liven up the mood around here, I’ve put together everything you need for the perfect balcony barbecue. Who says you need a big backyard for grillin’ dogs?

Not only is this little table top grill by Eva Solo super cute, you can take it anywhere!

My mama used to wash the dog in one of these. But galvanized tubs are also affordable, sturdy, and great for icing down drinks.

Mason jars double as eco-friendly glassware. Add a little chalkboard spray paint and guests can label their drink glasses! Pure genius.

How perfect are these melamine plates by Martin Yeeles? They’re a little pricey to have enough plates for each guest, but they would be great for serving appetizers and arranging burger toppers.

Add a splash of color with these biodegradable stripey straws from Jack and Lulu.

Fill this drink dispenser with your favorite lemonade, sun tea, or moonshine.

These dolled-up paper lanterns are so pretty and festive. If there’s no room on the balcony, hang them around the apartment to bring the party indoors.

No need for the party to end when the sun sets. Not only do these porcelain string lights dress up the balcony, they illuminate s’more assemblage and provide mood lighting for ghost stories.

Hungry for more balcony barbecue inspiration? Head over to here. Tell your friends to BYOM (Bring Your Own Meat) and fire up the grill. Summer is just around the corner!


3 thoughts on “Balcony Barbecue

  1. I can’t believe you of all people haven’t offed yourself without sunshine yet, ha. I’m glad you are finding a way to pass the time, though! As usual, I love all your links. We used a big tub like that for drinks at Brody’s carnival birthday party and it was great!! I wanted to buy those straws, too, but sort of dropped the ball on that one…. oh well. ❤

  2. Hah! Why me of all people? The sunny days here make up for all of the gloom. Plus, I am excited to pick out some cute rain boots for next winter.

    Also, those steel tubs are so versatile!

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