The Perfect Bridesmaid Invitation

The wedding details are starting to come together. I’ve been thinking about bridesmaids and how to ask a few extra special women in my life to stand by me on the big day.

  • I think these accordion boxes are just the thing for popping the question to my best girlfriends.
  • These confetti rings are fun and perfect for bridesmaids.
  • A simple red heart ring tucked into a bridesmaid’s invitation would be so sweet.
  • I’m a wanderer at heart, so these vintage map rings displaying the wedding destination are perfect.

To help keep me sane during the wedding planning process, I picked up A Practical Wedding by Meg Keene. I can’t recommend this book enough. Planning even the simplest wedding can be completely overwhelming at times, but this book brings you back down to earth.


Painted Wooden Spoons

This DIY project was love at first sight. Unfortunately, I’m not so skilled in arts and crafts. This project looked über easy, but for someone who isn’t always crafting up a storm, it was quite the commitment.

My main issue was trying to figure out how to dry the spoons without the handles touching anything. As you can see here, my method was a bit flawed. Any time I put a new spoon into the container to dry, the rest came tumbling out. I cursed a lot.

In order to keep costs down, I picked up some inexpensive jute cord from Paper Source to bundle the spoons and made my own wrapping paper by stenciling pink and green polka dots onto craft paper. Passing up the rails of beautiful wrapping paper at Paper Source was its own challenge.

I tied it all together (get it?) by using the cord as ribbon. For someone who isn’t so crafty, I’m pretty proud of myself. I made these specifically for Mother’s Day, but they’d make a cute housewarming gift or stocking stuffer for your favorite chef.